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These last few weeks have brought a flurry of feathered visitors to our backyard, creating excitement for not only us, but Bailey and Nessa as well.  Nessa (our ferocious Siamese) whines and paws at the door to get out while Bailey (our not-so-ladylike mini Schnauzer) runs around the yard, nose to the ground on a daily basis now.  But I have to say, when we spotted the bluebirds flying around our backyard, I was especially excited!  My biggest question is whether or not it is the same pair that visited our yard in early spring, late summer, and early fall last year?  The romantic in me says yes!  Either way, I thought I would share these few photos I was able to take before they disappeared into the leaves.  Clearly, they are looking for a layover, but I am not sure that wren house is the ideal choice – hopefully, they will choose one of the bluebird houses and stick around for awhile before they continue their migration.

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